Lighting Contact

Outside Light Bulb Need Replacing?

The light fixtures located on the pillar outside your unit and along the sidewalk on the back of your unit are owned and maintained by the association. If the bulb needs to be replaced on one of these lights, please DO NOT attempt to replace them yourself. Instead, please call our resident light bulb replacement engineer, Mr. Johnnie Elkins. You will also see Johnnie driving past the back of your condo at night on his golf cart. Please don't be alarmed, he is simply doing his regular nighttime tour to ensure all areas are properly lit. At Halloween and Christmas, some residents also like to change the color of the bulb in the pillar fixture. PLEASE don't attempt this yourself. Just give Johnnie a call, he will be more than happy to come and do it for you. No charge!! This also helps ensure that the fixture does not get broken as the bracket holding the globe in place is very delicate. (Please note: the fixture located on the wall outside your front door is owned and maintained by you. Please don't contact Johnnie to replace those bulbs).

Johnnie has volunteered to maintain our lights for a number of years now. When you see him, say hi and let him know his service is very much appreciated. He also works directly with your Board of Directors to help keep our village safe and enjoyable for everyone who lives here. You can contact Johnnie as follows:

Johnnie Elkins: (480) 380-8986


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