Community Rules

An Introduction

The SVE Garden III Condominium Association Board of Directors welcomes you to condominium living. It is a significantly different type of living than owning your own house. Condominium in a general sense refers to a plan where you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the interior of your residence. The Condominium Association owns, and is responsible for, the care and maintenance of the exterior, with a few exceptions. The exterior front, rear, and side yards areas are legally classified as common areas, as are the parking areas and private drives (the streets belonging to the Association rather than the City of Mesa). The front and rear patios and rear patio planter areas are classified as limited common areas over which the Association has jurisdiction, and which must be maintained and repaired, if necessary, by the unit owner. The driveways, although common area, are repaired by the Association. General cleaning and care of the driveway are the responsibility of the homeowner. The common areas are to be enjoyed by all residents, and must be controlled in a manner which is consistent throughout all of Garden Condo III, and gives consideration to all residents’ needs and welfare.

Thus the necessity of a legally formed Association with Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Condominium Declarations, and Rules and Regulations. You should have received these documents when you purchased your condominium unit. They are most important in defining the various controls and restrictions that accompany this type of property ownership. If you do not have any of these documents, please contact the Association Property Manager.

Your Association is governed by a Board of Directors, with a minimum of three (3) members and a maximum of nine (9), and always an odd number. They must be unit owners in good standing and willing to serve. They are elected by the Association members, who must be unit owners. They elect their own officers, serve on a voluntary basis, and receive no compensation. The Board of Directors has a fiduciary and legal responsibility to manage the Association in accordance with various Arizona statutes, and in conformity with the Condominium Declarations and Rules and Regulations. Board meetings are held on a regular basis, with date, time and place posted on the bulletin boards (near the condo mailboxes). The Board seeks your assistance and support, and encourages you to attend these meetings.

The Board provides and/or contracts for such services as are necessary to implement policy adopted by the Board. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance, accounting, property inspections, complaint handling, and enforcement of the Condominium Declarations and Rules and Regulations. This may be accomplished via Self-Management, a Managing Agent, a Property Management Company, a CPA firm, or a combination thereof.

We hope that you find Garden Condo III provides a pleasant living environment designed for adult lifestyles, with an accent on sharing, caring and concern for your neighbors and all of the Garden Condo III Community.

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