Welcome Committee

Welcome to our neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch programs are a wonderful method of meeting old and new friends. The gathering also signifies a unified community in touch with each other for the good of us all.

The value to our Village is the strength of community awareness. Increased security for all who live here brings a better life for all. Whether full time or winter residents, knowing who should be here and who should not is the first line of safety for us all.

An example of how grass roots programs benefit the neighborhood is in place in many areas of the Village. As the basis of learning about this group, the Garden Condo 3 community initiates a warm welcome by our designated Welcome Committee. For the past three years, our representatives have been in the forefront of the Garden Condo 3 Neighborhood Awareness program. Traveling the community avenues in a Golf Cart, Di Klein and Barbara Hurley spot homes coming up for sale or sold and track when new owners are due to join the neighborhood. In many cases, these friendly and knowledgeable residents are the first contact new owners have to the area. They provide valuable information about the community, local Association information, Village resources, contact names, numbers and of course, when the many happy hour gatherings occur. The information they gather also updates the community email and emergency contact phone number directory, and identifies when to expect them in residence or away.

Be an informed and aware member of your local neighborhood, attend your Block Watch gatherings and participate. If you do not know who your Neighborhood Watch Captain is, contact the main HOA office, or your local Condo Association Board. There always is a need, do please consider serving as a neighborhood Captain, and expand your friendships here in the Village.

If you are new to Garden Condo III and our welcoming committee hasn't had a chance to stop by and say hi, then we encourage you to reach out to them and introduce your self

Our Welcoming Committee was established to help you get oriented. Our Welcoming Committee has assembled a package of information that will help answer frequently asked questions, provide information on our community and encourage you to particpate in our events and meetings

If you have questions, suggestions or comments please contact Di or Barb as follows:

Di Klien: (602) 315-8239

Barbara Hurley: (480) 330-2573


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